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Legally Literate Subjects


Criminal Law

Want to know what happens when you get arrested? Or maybe you want to know what rights you really have when you're accused of a crime? Legally Literate will break it down for you.

Tort Law

Sadly, this area of law has very little to do with cake (usually), and everything to do with things going wrong. Legally Literate will help you figure out what to do when someone sues you for hurting them or their business... or when you decide to drag someone else into court for hurting you.


From buying your groceries to making massive business deals, contracts are everywhere, even if people don't realize it. Legally Literate will help you understand what it means to make a contract... and what happens when someone doesn't keep their side of the bargain.

Constitutional Law

Rarely has anything been so commonly recognized, yet so poorly understood, as the United States Constitution. Legally Literate helps to break down this important document, and what it really says about your rights.

Labor and Employment Law

Everyone works, and everyone gets into disputes with the people they work for, or with, or the people who work for them. Legally Literate helps you to understand what happens when bosses and workers don't see eye to eye.

Business Law

Starting a business? Running a business? Trying to keep people from suing your business? Legally Literate can help explain what you need to know.